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Vehicle diagnostics and computer diagnostics are words that get thrown around a lot in the auto repair industry. While you may think that every repair shop will provide you with an accurate diagnosis it takes a higher level of expertise and diagnostic equipment to get you the answers you need. And when it comes to vehicle diagnostics in White Bear Lake, MN, there isn’t a mechanic that can beat the quality of work or service that you will find at Trinity Auto Care.

Check Engine Light

As much as you may want to ignore it, your vehicle’s check engine light is a pretty advanced piece of automotive technology. Modern-day vehicles boast a powerful on-board computer system that connects and controls the major systems and components in your vehicle, but it also acts like a sort of troubleshooting device.

That same computer regularly scans your systems looking for any potential problems. When it finds one it alerts you by illuminating either your check engine light or one of your other dashboard warning lights. When this happens, we always recommend that you bring your vehicle to a trusted auto repair expert like Trinity Auto Care to receive an accurate diagnosis and repair.

Vehicle Diagnostics

You may think that vehicle diagnostics is just a matter of hooking your vehicle up to a diagnostic scan, but that is only the first step. The results of the diagnostic scan acts as a road map, letting your mechanic know where the issue is, but not diagnosing the actual problem.

When you come to Trinity Auto Care for vehicle diagnostics, we take that information and then perform a thorough inspection of the affected area so we can uncover the real source of the trouble. Our ASE Certified mechanics are committed to perform excellent service and repairs, and we will ensure that you receive an accurate diagnosis and then walk you through your options.

This method of diagnostics not only allows for better accuracy, it also saves you time and money spent at the repair shop.

If your check engine light is on in White Bear Lake, MN, contact Trinity Auto Care or come by the shop today.

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