What Are the Silver Flakes in My Car’s Power Steering Fluid?

Unfortunately, the silver flakes in your car’s power steering fluid our bids of the power steering pump. When this pump gets too old, which is usually around 100,000 miles, it will start to dissolve. Naturally, this is not something that we can repair. As such, the solution to the problem is to replace the steering pump with a new one. In addition to silver flakes in the steering fluid, you may also have one or more of the following problems if your car needs a new power steering pump.

Loud Noises When Steering

The pump may let you know audibly that it needs to be replaced. Generally, the noise will occur when you turn the steering wheel. The noise will get louder as you keep turning the steering will. The most common sound of a faulty steering pump is groaning. This being said, some pumps have squealed. Either way, you should not hear a noise while you are steering your automobile.

Difficulty Turning the Wheel

The pump pushes the fluid through the steering system. This is a hydraulic fluid that makes turning your steering wheel a breeze. If the pump is malfunctioning or has died completely, it will become difficult to turn the steering wheel. Unfortunately, the wheel will be hard to move. If you have experience driving an automobile with manual steering, it will feel a lot like this.

Problems With Steering Response

As if the above were not bad enough, there may also be an issue with how your vehicle responds to the steering. This may leave you stranded on a road unable to turn your automobile. This can be caused by a malfunctioning pump or another problem in the hydraulic steering system. If you cannot control your vehicle, do not drive it. Rather, have it towed to our shop.

Leaking Steering Fluid

Finally, you may have discovered the silver flakes in the steering fluid because the pump is leaking steering fluid. You can confirm this by checking the level of fluid in the power steering reservoir in the engine. If the fluid is low and you have red spots or puddles on the garage floor, you have a power steering fluid leak. This, too, can make turning the steering wheel difficult.

Do not worry. We can help. Give us a call today to set up an appointment for your automobile if you are having problems with the steering system.

Photo by Зображення користувача Andrii Borodai via Canva Pro

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