Benefits of Alternate Holiday Driving Routes

Millions – we mean millions – of people will be on the roads this holiday season. This is a recipe for automobile accidents, especially if drivers are intoxicated or in a rush. You and your family are heading to your in-laws’ house for the holidays as usual. You’ve driven to their home so many times you could do it blindfolded, although Trinity Auto Care doesn’t recommend it. You might not think you need to plan an alternate route, but here are some reasons why you should to keep your family safe on the road.

Road Closures

Double-check your usual route to the in-laws’ home to see if there will any road closures due to road construction. Even if it’s just a lane or two that will be closed, the increased number of cars on the road will ensure you’ll be stuck in a traffic jam for hours. Do you want to listen to your children whine that long? Yeah, we don’t want to listen to our kids, either. An alternate route free of construction might take a little longer but as long as the car is moving the kids will remain settled by the trip progress.

Inclement Weather

The roads might also be closed (or unsafe) due to inclement weather. Check weather reports before your trip to make certain you aren’t headed into rain, hail, or snow. In Minnesota, it’s hard to avoid snow this time of year, but you might find an alternate route that has fewer chances of a bad storm. Plot your trip along that route to avoid accidents, careless drivers, or even your own emergency on an icy road. When was the last time you had your tires checked and do you have tire chains in the trunk?

Additional Safety Tips

Even if your route is smooth sailing all the way, drive defensively during the holidays and make sure you aren’t too tired, impaired, or distracted. Get at least eight hours of sleep the night before your trip; you cannot rely on caffeine to keep you awake. Don’t partake of the spiked eggnog if you’re driving home that night, and don’t partake of too much of it if you’re driving home the next morning, as alcohol prevents you from having a good night’s sleep.

Finally, don’t drive distracted. Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake, MN, cannot tell you how many people get into an accident because they were paying attention to their phones rather than the road. Keep distractions to a minimum and come see us if you’d like us to service your vehicle before your holiday driving excursion.


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