If you live in the White Bear Lake area, you probably know that winter driving and other challenges related to the seasons can necessitate brake care and maintenance for your car. You should never have to worry about your car’s brakes working perfectly, and if you bring your car to us for brake services, you will have this peace of mind! We can work on any make or model of vehicle from Toyota, Honda, or Lexus, to Chevy, Ford, Acura, and more.

Getting the job done right matters to us and we make sure that you are never without a car. If we cannot provide same-day service for your brake service, we will give you a free loaner car, or we can offer free vehicle pick-up and delivery. We employ ASE-Certified technicians and we are a family-owned business that cares about your auto repair needs.

Honor, Integrity, Commitment: Values We Live By!

We know just how critical brakes are to the safe operation of your vehicle. We can replace, service, or assess brake issues with any car that is brought to us. We will be able to replace parts as needed and we can also help you to find the right tires for the season. You can trust your car to be safe and secure during any kind of challenging weather when we have worked on your vehicle or serviced it during the year.

We treat our customers like they are members of our family and we will work hard to figure out what is wrong with your vehicle if you have brought it to us for a repair. We will get your car back to you right away when you bring it to us for routine service as well. We know that oftentimes, you cannot be without your car for even a day and we make sure that we keep your comfort and convenience in mind.

We only use the highest quality parts and correct processes for the make and model of vehicle that you own. Every service is done to the highest standard, and we make sure that you will get your car back in perfect condition each time you work with us.

Schedule a Brake Service Today!

Don’t wait until your brakes are squealing, grabbing, or pulling to make an appointment. The brakes in your car are critical to its safe operation and we make sure that you have access to all the support that you need to keep your car’s brakes in the best shape possible. Visit us at our White Bear Lake or Blaine location for personalized care that you cannot get anywhere else! Call us today at 651-369-6449 to schedule your appointment!


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