Call Trinity Auto Care to Schedule Car AC Maintenance

Now is the perfect time to give us a call here at Trinity Auto Care to schedule a maintenance visit for your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s air conditioner. You want to make sure the air conditioner is serviced before the weather gets too hot. We will inspect the entire system to make sure you can rely on it for cold air all summer long. Below are just some of the things we will do during the service.


The compressor is the part that turns the gas refrigerant into a liquid. Once the refrigerant is in a liquid form, the compressor circulates it through the air conditioning system so you have cold air blowing through the vents. The compressor likes to work hard; it doesn’t like its winter vacation. Consequently, it may malfunction the first time you use your car’s AC. We will test the compressor to make sure it does its job every time the air conditioner is turned on.


As the refrigerant circulates through the air conditioning system, it gets hot. As such, it is sent to the condenser to cool off. The condenser has air inlets that draw air in from the outside to blow over the refrigerant. It also has a fan that blows on the refrigerant. In order for the condenser to use the outside air, it must be located behind the grille. Consequently, this subjects it to road debris damage. We will inspect the condenser to make sure it isn’t damaged.

Condenser Fan

We will also test the condenser fan to make sure it turns on every time the air conditioner turns on so it can keep the refrigerant cold. Your car’s air conditioning system needs a working condenser fan in order to keep the refrigerant and incoming air cold.

Electrical System

One thing that can prevent the condenser fan from working is a problem with the electrical system. We will inspect the electrical system to make sure everything is operating as it should be. We will also check for damage to the wires, fuses, switches, and relays.


Finally, a refrigerant check is in order in the spring to make sure refrigerant does not need to be added to the air conditioning system. If it does, we will add it. The refrigerant level can get low in the air conditioner because it can evaporate and leak.

Call Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake or Blaine, MN, today to schedule your automobile’s spring AC maintenance visit.

Photo by okanmetin via Canva Pro

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