Car Problems With Trinity Auto Care

Cars can have problems. Unfortunately they tend to pop up at poor moments, like getting ready to go to work, or when extreme cold or heat hits. Many car problems can be avoided. Trinity Auto Care of White Bear Lake, Minnesota, is happy to help you avoid the problems that disrupt your daily life. Here we review a few of the common car problems we see every day and how we can help you avoid them.



If you’ve lived in Minnesota for more than one winter, you know our weather gets cold enough to make your face hurt for at least a couple weeks per year. The coldest days of winter also remind us just how capable our vehicle batteries are. Your vehicle might click and do nothing, or even turn the radio and headlights on without turning the engine. The cause is probably an underpowered and worn battery. Thankfully, the solution is fairly easy. Trinity Auto Care offers battery tests and batteries. Instead of wondering if your vehicle will start when the thermometer plunged below zero, bring it in for a test. ASE Certified technicians are standing by and can tell you how much life your battery has left. 


Oil Change

Routine maintenance like oil changes can keep larger problems from showing up. Maintaining clean, fresh oil in your vehicle is one of the best things you can do to prevent long term wear to your engine. Oil lubricates the moving parts in your engine and keeps metal from clashing with metal. Getting an oil change and tire rotation at Trinity Auto Care is easy. We even offer shuttle services and rental cars if you don’t want to wait in our lobby while we maintain your vehicle, after all, car repair doesn’t have to be a hassle!


Heating and Cooling

Minnesota can be a place of less than subtle extreme temperatures. From a sub zero plunge to a hot and humid 100 degree day, we get a bit of everything. Trinity Auto Care can make sure both your vehicle’s heater and cooler works. While driving with your window down in the summer is quite appealing, it can only take away so much heat. We also dread getting into our outdoor parked cars in the winter because they are cold! Ensure your vehicle is ready for any season and you’ll be glad you have a nice temperate climate in your vehicle when you want it.


Brake Inspections

Brakes are really important for safety and shouldn’t be ignored. When you get your oil change and tire rotation at Trinity, have us take a look at your brakes too. You’ll save money in the long run by replacing them before they wear out your rotors too.


About us

Trinity Auto Care lives by the motto “Honor, Integrity, and Committment.” We are committed to our community and know that we earn your repeat business by offering the best possible service. We are highly flexible and offer financing when you need, as well. 


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