Common Car AC Problems That Will Blow Hot Air Through the Vents

It’s not too early to start thinking about your car’s air conditioner. You don’t want to wait until summer to discover that the AC is having problems. Few things are more miserable than turning on the AC and having hot air blow through the vents instead of cold air. Trinity Auto Care can check your vehicle’s air conditioner now to make sure it’s not suffering from the following common problems.

No/Low Refrigerant

You’ll end up with hot air blowing through the vents if you don’t have any refrigerant. Refrigerant commonly leaks from the AC unit hose connections. If you drive an older car or you haven’t had your air conditioner serviced in years, you may have a refrigerant leak and not even know it.

Blocked Condenser

The air conditioner condenser keeps the refrigerant cool. Cool refrigerant is what pushes cold air through your vents. The condenser is located in the front of your engine, which means it susceptible to getting dirty from road debris. If too much grime has made its way into the condenser, it will block it.

Broken Condenser

The road debris can also dent or punch a hole in the condenser, which creates an even greater problem. If your air conditioner’s condenser has been damaged by road debris, it will likely need to be replaced. Without the condenser, the refrigerant cannot be cooled, and neither can the air flowing into your cabin.

Electrical Trouble

If your automobile has a problem in its electrical system, any number of things could fail, including the air conditioner. Hopefully, the problem is something as simple as a blown fuse. If not, we may need to repair your electrical system in order to get your air conditioning running properly.

Malfunctioning Fans

The condenser cools the refrigerant and the AC cooling fans help. A visual inspection will reveal if your cooling fans are running as they should be, or if they are having problems. One thing that could cause the cooling fans to malfunction is an electrical problem. The problem could also be the fans themselves.

Compressor Malfunction

Finally, the compressor is your air conditioner’s version of the water pump. The water pump circulates the coolant through the engine and the compressor circulates the refrigerant through the AC system. If it is malfunctioning or broken down, you won’t have refrigerant flowing through the system.

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