Common Problems Classic Car Owners Face

You love classic cars? We love classic cars! Trinity Auto Care is your one-stop-shop for classic car maintenance and repair. We love working on them and driving them, and we see the same problems over and over again when a new customer brings his or her classic dream automobile into our shop. Here are the common problems with classic cars we fix frequently.

Fuel Trouble

Depending on the age of your classic car, its engine may not have been designed to process the ethanol found in modern-day gasoline. Consequently, this can lead to fuel system damage. In rare cases, the fuel of today can even cause your classic car’s fuel tank to sag. Additives can help as can replacing old and worn fuel system parts. We can inspect your fuel system to help with your action plan.


Classic cars just weren’t engineered and manufactured to take today’s driving. Drivers rarely drove them long distances in excessive traffic and temperatures were cooler back then. Classic engines relied on air flowing through the engine to keep it cool; they didn’t sit and idle. The best way to prevent your classic car from overheating today is to drive on open roads and keep the cooling system well-maintained.

Brake Failure

Your classic car doesn’t have a Brake warning light or an anti-lock braking system. Brakes malfunction frequently on classic vehicles if they aren’t maintained properly. If you just purchased your new/old baby, have the brake system inspected. Then, make certain to have the parts replaced as often as necessary to prevent brake trouble. Remember, you won’t be warned of brake problems beforehand.

Electrical Failure

Any number of things can cause electrical failure in a classic car, including old wiring, chewed-through wiring, and, of course, the battery. Usually, the battery is the culprit of any electrical trouble, especially if it’s old. Still, your classic car might also need a new alternator or starter. If the problem lies in the wiring, your vehicle could become a fire hazard, so make sure to have the electrical system checked.


Finally, you might find that getting parts for your classic car is your biggest problem of all. Parts for older vehicles are not readily available anymore and, if they are, they might be crazy-expensive. In some cases, you may have to rebuild the part you are looking for rather than buy it simply because an assembled part is not available, even in today’s cyber shopping world.

Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake, MN, can help. Call us today for your classic car needs.

Photo by MariuszBlach from Getty Images Pro Canva Pro

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