Getting Your Car Ready for Winter Weather

We need to prepare for winter weather here in White Bear Lake, MN. We need to prepare our homes, our automobiles, and ourselves. Our temperatures can drop into the single digits, which make it mighty cold outside. You don’t want to get stuck in these frigid temperatures, especially during a storm. Trinity Auto Care can help you get your car, crossover/SUV, or truck ready for winter weather so you can count on it even if it is 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside and snowing like crazy.

Fall Preventative Maintenance

Before the temperatures drop too much, set up an appointment with our automotive service shop for fall maintenance services to help your vehicle run reliably and efficiently throughout the colder months. You need to count on your vehicle, especially if you’re trying to get home in a blizzard, and the only way you can do so is to prepare it with the following automotive services:

  • Battery check to make sure it can hold a charge in cold weather
  • Belt check to ensure they aren’t worn and at risk of breaking when they’re cold
  • Coolant check to switch to antifreeze if necessary
  • Fluid check to top off or replace all other crucial automotive fluids
  • Heater test to make sure the core pushes hot air into the vehicle cabin
  • Hose inspections to find cracks, holes, or other wear and tear
  • Oil change to switch from conventional to synthetic for better winter performance
  • Tire tread depth check, rotation, and balancing for better control on icy roads
  • Transmission service to help it handle slow and treacherous winter driving
  • Windshield washer fluid and wiper blade check

All of these things help your vehicle withstand cold temperatures just as your coat, gloves, scarf, and hat help you endure the frigid air. For example, replenishing the windshield washer alone will help you keep the ice off the windshield so you can see better if you’re driving in whiteout conditions. Don’t head into winter without preventative maintenance to prevent vehicle breakdown.

Emergency Supplies

If you’ve ever been stuck in winter weather whiteout conditions, you know how quickly danger sets in. As such, prepare for emergencies by keeping things for you and your car in the car. Blankets, water, and non-perishable food will sustain you if you get stuck. You should keep a quart of oil, antifreeze, flares, a flashlight and extra batteries, tire inflator, an ice scraper, tire chains, and a first aid and tool kit in the car.

Determine the worst-case scenario and then prepare for it. And, in the meantime, contact Trinity Auto Care  to schedule preventative maintenance now. We’re located in beautiful White Bear Lake, MN.

Photo by Kichigin from Canva Pro

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