How to Keep Your Pets Safe in Your Automobile

We here at Trinity Auto Care love our pets, and we know you love your pets, too. If you’ve stopped by our shop, you might have met our German shepherds. It’s great to have dogs that love to go on rides with you, but it’s also dangerous. Your pets can ride with you, but don’t let the ride end tragically. Keep these things in mind when you put your animal in the car.

Secure Your Pet Properly

The first thing you should do is secure your pet properly. Dogs should be kept in carriers or harnessed to the seat (at a minimum), and they should never ride in the bed of a truck – not even if they’re tied down. Cats should be in carriers. Think accident. What is going to happen to your dog or cat if you get into one? Will they be protected, or will they fly around inside or out of the vehicle? This is why carriers that can be secured tightly with seatbelts is the only way to go. Don’t let your animal roam free.

No Heads Out the Window

A dog hanging its head out of the window with its tongue and ears flapping in the wind brings a smile to everyone’s faces. Did you know that this is dangerous, even life-threatening to your dog, however? Dogs can be hit by flying road debris or road signs, other vehicles that are too close to you, trees and shrubbery, or even jump out of your moving vehicle if they see something irresistible. Squirrel! We know your dog loves to hang its head out of the window but this can seriously cost it its life.

Know Temperatures In and Out

Before you even put your pet into the car look at the outdoor temperatures and determine the importance of the trip. If you have a vet appointment that you cannot miss, then, yes, take your animal to the appointment even in hot weather. Don’t become a statistic, though. Your pet does not need to go for a ride in the summer heat, and it should definitely never be left in a hot car, even for a minute. Even if you think you’re helping your pet by blasting the AC, you could actually make it ill if it gets too cold.

Finally, when in doubt, don’t is a good motto to live by. If you feel uneasy about your pet traveling with you, leave it at home. Also, keep your vehicle maintained so it’s always safe and reliable. This, too, helps you avoid accidents or other dangerous situations when your pet is in your car. Let us here at Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake, MN, help you with that.

Photo by Evablanophotos from Canva Pro

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