How to Pack Your Car for a Road Trip

You might be ready for that road trip you’ve been anticipating, but how are your car packing skills? If you do it right, you can make sure that you get everything in the car that you need, without causing other problems along the way. Trinity Auto Care has some ideas for you that can make the task a lot easier.

Assess What You’ve Got

Before you start throwing things in the trunk or the cargo area, take a long look at what you’ve got to load up. Does anything need to get attached to the roof? If so, set that aside. You’re going to want to separate items into heavier things, like suitcases, and lighter items that are able to fit around other items.

Start Toward the Center

When you do start loading up the cargo area, start with the center and load in the heavier items. You might start with a layer of suitcases, for instance, if you’ve got more than a couple. The lighter, squishier items can get put in wherever they fit. If you’re taking snacks, those should be where you can access them easily.

Keep Driver Visibility in Mind

One thing you do want to keep in mind while you’re stuffing and stacking is whether anything you’re doing affects driver visibility. This isn’t so much of a big deal when you’re filling a trunk, but in an SUV or hatchback you might stack things too high for the driver to see over or around. For safety’s sake, pay close attention to what your packing is doing in terms of visibility.

Try to Distribute Cargo Weight Evenly

Speaking of safety, how you’re distributing the weight within the cargo area matters, too. Try to keep things as evenly distributed as you can because that can impact how the car handles. If you’re traveling through an area that’s straight and has few hills that might not seem like a big deal, but it matters more than you think.

Consider Using Tie Downs 

Using bungee cords or other straps to tie down cargo might be helpful, especially in the back of an SUV. It’s not entirely necessary in a trunk unless you’re using smaller suitcases or bags that don’t have much around them to hold them in place.

Another key part of prepping for a road trip is making sure your car is in good working order. Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake, MN, can help you with that. Contact us today to set up an appointment.


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