How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather

Are you ready for 5-degree-Fahrenheit weather? Neither are we. Our neighbor to the west, North Dakota, is already seeing snowfall, and it won’t be long before we see it, too. Is your automobile ready for winter? It’s in your best interest to ensure it is. Trinity Auto Care can help with the advice below and automobile maintenance services.

Things You Can Do

To prevent frozen fluids and engine damage, keep your vehicle warm when you aren’t driving it. If you park your automobile outside for an extended period at any time during winter weather, such as when you’re at work or school, or if you park it in an unattached garage at night that doesn’t have the benefit of your home’s heat, purchase a high-quality automobile cover to protect it from the cold.

Cover your automobile right away once it’s parked and turned off. This helps trap engine heat to keep the motor warm while the vehicle is idle. Because we see temperatures just above zero for a couple of months here in White Bear Lake, MN, it’s important to ensure the health of your vehicle’s engine fluids. Antifreeze can handle the cold, but motor oil can thicken and fail to protect engine parts.

Check your vehicle’s maintenance schedule now and have any maintenance work done before the extreme weather hits. Preventative maintenance is called preventative maintenance because it prevents breakdowns. Breaking down in the middle of or on the side of the road is bad enough. Breaking down in a snowstorm is much worse. Spare yourself the agony and schedule a service visit.

Things We Can Do

During the service visit, we will check your vehicle for

  • Bald, nearly bald or underinflated tires
  • Dirty, old or low fluids, especially antifreeze and motor oil
  • Defroster or heater issues
  • Dirty or clogged filters
  • Worn belts or hoses
  • Suspension or steering trouble
  • Ignition or spark plug issues
  • Undercarriage rust

These are just some of the things we will inspect to ensure nothing needs to be repaired or replaced before Old Man Winter hits us like a ton of bricks. We will also address any concerns you have and will do a full vehicle inspection if you like. The bottom line is to make certain your vehicle is ready to handle winter weather madness and that it keeps you safe on icy roads.

We are Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake, MN. Call us today at 651-242-2886 to schedule a fall service visit.


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