I Need to Get Better Gas Mileage!

Everybody needs to get the most out of their money these days. We get that here at Trinity Auto Care. You can make adjustments to your driving habits that will help you save gas. In fact, AAA offers some tips that we will list below that help increase your fuel economy so you get more miles out of a full tank. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Especially with gas prices on the rise!

Don’t Sit in Traffic or at an Idle

Sitting in traffic or at an idle burns gasoline or diesel fuel unnecessarily. You can’t exactly turn off your engine when you are sitting in traffic, but you can turn it off if you are stuck in the Starbucks’ line. Always make sure to cut the engine when you can so that you aren’t idling for more than one minute. Also, avoid traffic by working flexible hours so you are driving during rush hour.

Drive Using Your Cruise Control

Any time you can use the cruise control to maintain your speed, do so. The cruise control does a much better job of maintaining a steady speed in your foot does. The only time you shouldn’t use your cruise control is if there is inclement weather outside. You want to have your foot on your vehicle’s accelerator in the rain and the snow to make sure you can feel your tires tracking the wet roads.

Map Out Your Stops to Reduce Them

If you have a bad habit of running all over town in an unorganized way, you are wasting diesel fuel or gasoline. Rather, map out your stops to make as few as possible when you need to run your errands. There’s nothing wrong with parking your automobile and heading to several stops on foot when you can. This helps save gasoline.

Slow Down and Drive Conservatively

We know you don’t want to hear this, but the slower you drive the more fuel you save. According to the Auto Club, your fuel economy tops out at 50 mph. Naturally, you need to drive faster on highways that have a higher speed limit, but there’s no need to put the pedal to the metal. If you drive like a maniac, you are wasting gasoline.

Time the Green Lights So You Hit Each One

Finally, when you are driving in town, try to hit each light on the green. You can make adjustments to your speed in anticipation of the traffic signals so that you aren’t stuck at a ton of red lights idling. This also saves gasoline.

Trinity Auto Care in Blaine, MN, or White Bear Lake, MN, would also be happy to help you save gas by maintaining your automobile. One of the best ways to improve your fuel economy is to ensure that your vehicle is serviced per its maintenance schedule.

Photo by welcomia via Canva Pro

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