Imagine These Perks at Your Auto Service Shop

You expect affordable and reliable maintenance and repair services from an auto shop. Should you expect anything more than that? Why not? Why should you settle for the bare minimum when you could have more? Trinity Auto Care wants you to imagine the perks you’d like to have while you wait for your vehicle. They might be some of the following things.


A comfortable waiting area should be a no-brainer for automotive service shops. People don’t want to stand outside and listen to the noise coming from the shop. They don’t want to get dirty, either, which can happen if they’re close to the automotive repair action. Dealers caught onto this early and began to provide enclosed waiting areas in their service departments. An independent shop should do so, too.


Entertainment is crucial to keep waiting customers happy, and magazines just don’t cut it anymore. Auto repair shops should provide their customers with free Wi-Fi, so they can stream on their handheld devices or work if they need to. The Wi-Fi needs to be reliable and easy to access. Nobody wants to read a magazine or watch TV while they wait, especially if there isn’t anything they like to read or on TV.


People enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while they wait and they might also like a snack. Who says auto repair shops can’t offer their customers free concessions. They can; some just don’t. Customers are valuable to the businesses they solicit, and a snack and soda can go a long way to show that. A waiting room is more than just a boring waiting room if it has free food and beverages for all.


Finally, whether business or personal, people can’t go without their vehicles for long so if the repairs are extensive, the shop should offer loaner cars and trucks. This offers customers an easy option to get some wheels to drive until their vehicle is fixed and ready to get back out on the road. Not all insurance policies include loaner vehicles nor is it always easy to rent a car or truck from a local renter.

You probably figured this out already, but Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake, MN, offers all of these things. We believe our customers deserve more than just quality workmanship performed by experienced and certified technicians. We treat our customers like kings and queens because they are to us. Without them, we don’t exist. Call us today at 651-242-2886 to get the service you deserve.


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