My Brakes Are Squealing All the Time! Why?

If your brakes are squealing all the time, you have an issue with the system that should be addressed right away. Arguably, your brakes are the most important safety system on your automobile. Any time there is a sign of trouble, such as constant squealing, it’s important to have the issue fixed to ensure you can always stop your car, crossover, truck, SUV, or van when you need to. We can help here at Trinity Auto Care. Here are common reasons why your brakes are squealing all the time.

Brake Pads Need Replacing

If your brake pads have worn down too low and they need to be replaced, your brakes will squeal all the time. The cause of the squeal could be indicators built into the pads to alert you that they are too low, or the squealing could be happening because of the low brake pad surface. Once they have worn completely away, you will also hear grinding when you use your brakes.

The Pads Need Insulation

Brake pad insulation needs to be replaced every time you get your brake pads changed. If this isn’t done, your brakes will squeal all the time. The insulation is designed to prevent the brake pads from squealing, and sometimes, new insulation isn’t installed when you have a brake pad replacement. Don’t worry. We won’t make that mistake here.

The Rotors Need Resurfacing

The brake pads and rotors work together to generate friction. It is this friction that the brake system uses to stop your automobile. Squealing brakes can indicate that the rotors’ surfaces have worn down and need to be recut. It’s also possible that if you just had your rotors recut, they were not cut correctly and this is why your brakes are squealing all the time.

Your Brakes Are Overheating

Finally, squealing brakes are a sign that the system is overheating and this can place you in a very dangerous situation. When the brakes get too hot, they can no longer stop your automobile because the brake pad surfaces and the rotor surfaces have smoothed out or glazed. When these surfaces are smooth, they cannot generate friction.

Trinity Auto Care has auto service shops in White Bear Lake and Blaine MN. Give the shop that is conveniently located near you a call to discuss your brake system problems. We would be happy to inspect the brakes to find out why they are squealing all the time and, once we know what the problem is, we’ll let you know what it will take to fix it.

Photo by BartekSzewczyk from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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