My check engine light came on – Now what?

Do you have a Check Engine light on? These annoying little lights flash gloom and doom in your vehicles dashboard. However, it should be known that their sole purpose is to give a warning, not to try and ruin your day. Here at Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake, we’re ready to help you determine what your check engine light is trying to tell you.

Check Engine lights can come on for MANY different reasons. Anything from a loose gas cap to spark plugs that need to be changed, to a worn out O2 sensor can be the culprit. It is always best to have the light diagnosed by an experienced auto mechanic to determine the true cause of the light coming on in the first place. The check engine light is meant to inform the unsuspecting vehicle owner that there is some sort of a problem within the workings of the vehicle.

Even if your vehicle seems to be running perfectly fine, you should still have the light checked out. The light does not come on unless there is a problem, and in most cases, you can fix the problem for less money than if you were to put it off and allow the problem to get worse. For example, if you have an engine misfire due to needing new spark plugs and fail to replace them, then you run the risk of over-stressing the rest of the ignition system components which can shorten their life expectancy and lead to premature failure. In turn, it takes the price of a tune up and turns it into the price of having to replace some or all of the entire ignition system. Either way you’re doing a tune up, but it exponentially lowers the risk of having to replace more parts and pay for more labor than are necessary.

The same can be said of all maintenance that your vehicle manufacturer recommends. It is important to note, that while you can go to most automotive parts houses and request the “free code reading”, this is not a substitute for an experienced auto mechanic diagnosing and repairing the problem correctly the first time. Remember, the automotive parts houses are in business to sell you auto parts and mechanics/technicians are in business to repair your vehicle correctly the first time.

Here at Trinity Auto Care, we’re here to help repair your vehicle and get you back on the road safely. If your check engine light is going off, then it’s time to bring your car in and determine the underlying cause. Call us for an appointment today.


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