My Engine Is Misfiring and it Isn’t the Spark Plugs

If your engine is misfiring and your spark plugs are fine, the problem could be your fuel injectors. If the fuel injectors are clogged, your engine is not getting a steady stream of fuel into the cylinders. This can cause problems with the detonation in the cylinders and, as a consequence, the misfiring you hear and feel. Trinity Auto Care can help. We’d be happy to inspect your fuel injectors and the rest of the fuel system to find out why your engine is misfiring. Let’s also list other signs of clogged fuel injectors below.

Rough Idling

Aside from the misfiring, you may also notice that your engine has started to idle roughly. This is usually a sign of a fuel delivery problem. It can also be a sign of a problem with your engine’s timing, a vacuum leak, or a clogged air filter. As you have figured out, however, the fuel injectors can also make your vehicle idle roughly if they are unable to send the correct amount of fuel into the combustion chamber.

Poor Fuel Economy

Problems with the fuel injectors aren’t just them getting dirty and clogged. Old fuel injectors can also start to leak. When this happens, your engine burns away the fuel that is leaking out of the injectors. Consequently, you will notice a significant difference in your vehicle’s gas mileage. You can also have poor fuel economy if the injectors are clogged, as the engine has to work harder to perform.

Sporadic RPMs

When the stream of fuel going into the combustion chamber isn’t steady, your engine will rev as it receives spurts of fuel. This causes your RPMs to go crazy. Naturally, you will notice this craziness on your vehicle’s tachometer. The needle will go up and down sporadically as the engine revs up and down sporadically. This can also be a sign of a vacuum leak.

Dead Engine

Finally, if the injectors are unable to spray fuel into the intake manifold or cylinders, you will not be able to get your car, truck, or utility vehicle started. This is because the engine has no fuel. Professionally cleaning the injectors will remove the carbon deposits and restore engine functionality.

We can do that for you here at Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake or Blaine, MN. Call us today to set up an appointment if your engine is misfiring. Whether the fuel injectors or another problem, we will find the issue and fix it to restore your engine’s performance.

Photo by Billion Photos via Canva Pro

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