Problems Associated With a Leaking Exhaust Manifold

Trinity Auto Care advises that a leaking exhaust manifold can cause a ton of engine performance problems. We are going to discuss these problems below so you know what to look for while you are driving your automobile. It doesn’t matter if you drive a car, SUV, or truck. We can help if the exhaust manifold has cracked and is leaking exhaust into the engine.

Lagging Performance

When this happens, you will notice a lag in your engine’s performance. The engine tends to sputter and struggle to run if there is too much air in it. The exhaust is basically air filled with gases. When this fills the engine, it compromises the engine’s ability to produce combustion and the engine will lag.

Reduced Fuel Economy

An engine that is struggling to run is bad enough without the reduced fuel economy that will accompany it. The engine cannot get excellent gas mileage if it is running inefficiently. Unfortunately, as the engine fills with the exhaust that is leaking out of the manifold crack, it will burn more fuel to produce power.

Tapping, Hissing, Squealing

One thing that is interesting about a cracked exhaust manifold is that it might make noise when you start your automobile. As such, you should keep an ear out for tapping, hissing, or squealing after you have started the engine. These sounds are a sign that you’ve got exhaust leaking out of the manifold.

Strong, Hot Engine Smells

Another thing a manifold leak will cause is strong and hot engine smells. The exhaust is produced in the combustion chamber, so it is extremely hot. As it leaks into the engine, it heats up all of the auto parts. Your engine is going to run hotter when it is filled with hot exhaust and you will smell hot odors.

Strong Exhaust Smells

When the engine is filled with exhaust, it’s possible for the exhaust to be picked up by the ventilation system and blown into the passenger cabin. This may leave you with an exhaust odor inside your automobile that is dangerous. If you continue to drive your vehicle, you will inhale the exhaust and start to feel sick. Symptoms of exhaust poisoning include confusion and headaches.

Finally, Trinity Auto Care advises that the problems listed above may also cause the engine control unit to turn on the check engine light. Do not worry. We have two auto service shops. We are the best auto shop in White Bear Lake, and the best auto shop in Blaine, MN.

Photo by stevechatterton from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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