Signs My Crossover’s Clutch Has Gone Out

If you drive a crossover with a manual transmission, Trinity Auto Care advises that there will come a point when you will need to replace the clutch if you keep the vehicle for a long time. This point is usually around 100,000 miles or seven to 10 years. Let’s talk below about the signs that your crossover or other automobile’s clutch is going bad.

Spongy, Sinking Pedal

One of the things that might change is how the clutch feels underneath your foot. It may start to feel spongy or sink too far without catching. This is an indication that the clutch needs to be replaced. If the damage isn’t too severe, we may be able to rebuild it.

Higher Catch Point

Another thing that will happen is that your catch point in the clutch will get higher. This may happen alongside the changes in the clutch pedal feel or it may happen independently of those changes. In other words, your catch point may change but your clutch will still feel normal.

Burning, Hot Odors

If you smell burning or hot odors coming from the clutch, head straight to our shop for a clutch inspection. The clutch is overheating because it is slipping out of engagement. This means that you do not have the power transferred to the transmission properly.

Problems Shifting Gears

Consequently, this lack of power shift will make it difficult for you to change your crossover’s gears. You may depress the clutch and move the gearshift only to have nothing happen. It is also possible that the gear may shift temporarily and then slip out of gear.

Acceleration Hesitation

In addition to the above, your crossover may also hesitate to accelerate after you have shifted the gear. This can be a sign that the transmission does not have power and, as a consequence, cannot turn the drivetrain. In other words, your wheels are hesitating to turn.

Strange Noises

Finally, your gears may grind if the transmission does not have the power from the engine when you shift them. Another sign that your clutch is going bad is a squeaking noise when you use it. The only thing you should hear when you use the clutch is the changes in your engine’s RPMs when the engine is put into a different gear.

Call Trinity Auto Care in Blaine or White Bear Lake, MN, today if you are having problems with your vehicle’s clutch. We will inspect it and recommend the proper course of action to repair the issue.

Photo by DmitrySteshenko from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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