Signs of Suspension Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

Suspension issues are not something that should be ignored. Waiting too long to address them will only leading to additional, more extensive, and more expensive repairs. You want your vehicle to have the best possible handling so you can be in total control. If your suspension system is acting up, your handling is compromised. Trinity Auto Care wants to clue you in on the symptoms of suspension failure so you can get your car to us at the first sign of trouble.

Your Car is Pulling to the Left or Right

The whole idea behind steering straight is that you want your vehicle to move straight forward. When your suspension is in good shape, your vehicle should do just that. If you notice your car pulling to the left or right you may just need to have your wheels aligned. Other components that could cause pulling include your brake calipers, steering tie rods, or your tires.

A Bumpier Ride

The struts and shocks in your suspension system absorb the impact of all those bumps in the road so you can enjoy a smooth ride. If they are damaged or worn out you will start to feel every little jolt. Those bumps aren’t just uncomfortable, they could also lead to a damaged undercarriage, muffler, or oil pan.

A Leaning Car

When you park your car and take a look, is your car leaning to one side or the other? If it is, it is likely that you have a busted spring. Broken suspension springs are also known to make a clunking noise.

Your Vehicle is Nose Diving

Your vehicle should never lean forward or nose dive when you apply the brakes. If it is, you have damaged or worn struts or shocks. It also shouldn’t lean when you turn or feel like it is leaning back when you are accelerating. Essentially, your vehicle shouldn’t lean in any direction when you are driving. If it does, you have a problem.

Steering Issues

You spend enough time driving to know how your steering feels. If it is feeling looser or tighter than normal, something is off. It is possible that you are just low on power steering fluid, but there is a good chance that it is a problem with your suspension system and should be looked at by your mechanic as soon as possible.

If you suspect that your vehicle is having suspension issues, don’t delay. Call Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake for an appointment.

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