Clogged Heater Core in your White Bear Lake Vehicle


The heater core in your White Bear Lake vehicle is what exchanges heat from your engine into the cab of your car. Think of this as a miniature radiator, whose entire purpose in life is to make sure that the cab of your vehicle stays nice and warm and your windshield stays defrosted.

Over time, buildup can occur in the tiny passages of the heater core, causing it to become clogged. Regular back-flushing of the heater core will help keep the core cleaned of debris and buildup, and will also help ensure that your vehicle’s heat and defrost will work properly all winter long.

A coolant flush may also be recommended when back-flushing a heater core, depending on the condition of the coolant that is in your vehicle.

Regular coolant flushes will significantly prolong the life of your cooling system, as well as the life of your heater core, making sure that the heat transfer in your vehicle is working as designed.

In the pictures, the BEFORE picture you can clearly see that the inlet hose of the heater core is bright red, indicating that the fluid going in is hot, however the outlet hose is dark blue, indicating that no heat is flowing through the core.

In the AFTER picture, you can see that the inlet hose is brighter red, and the outlet hose is darker red. This represents the heat that is being expelled into the cab of the vehicle via the heater core. If your ready to unclog your heater core, we’re ready to help. Schedule an appointment today!


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