Ways You Can Tell That Your Car Has Exhaust System Problems

Your automobile’s exhaust system does a lot more than just expel exhaust. It also muffles engine noise, improves your engine’s performance by clearing the way for more power-producing oxygen, and also helps your vehicle save gas. How can you tell if your car has exhaust system problems? Trinity Auto Care lists the signs below so you can reference them quickly.

1. Noise

Let’s start with the most obvious sign. If your car, truck, or C/SUV’s engine is suddenly so loud that you can’t hear yourself think, especially as it warms up or when you step on the gas, you’ve probably got a hole in the muffler. You might also hear hissing sounds if your exhaust manifold is leaking.

2. Lagging

As we said above, part of what keeps your engine powerful is the release of engine exhaust. As the exhaust system clears out burnt oxygen and gases, fresh oxygen and gas replaces it to keep your engine running. If the exhaust system cannot expel the burnt exhaust, you’ll notice power loss in your engine.

3. Gas Guzzling

The more your engine struggles to gain power the more gas it will use. You might notice a minimal loss in fuel economy at first, only to have it get worse as your car tries to operate with the existing exhaust problem. Usually, the exhaust system is leaking, which is why the engine is guzzling gas to gain power.

4. Hot Odors

Exhaust manifold leaks are usually caused by a worn or cracked manifold gasket. When the gasket fails, hot exhaust is released. The exhaust is so hot, it can actually melt electrical wiring and plastic engine parts. You will smell the electrical components and plastic parts burning in the engine bay.

5. Tailpipe

This sign of an exhaust system problem is a visible one. Take the time about once a month to look under your car and inspect the tailpipe. If it’s hanging, bent, cracked, or has holes or dents, it needs to be replaced. The tailpipe can actually fall off if left in poor condition. It can also get clogged over time.

6. Gas Odors

If you have a clogged tailpipe or exhaust system leak, you might end up smelling gas inside your car. If you do, it’s crucial that you pull your vehicle over right away and turn it off. Gas odors have carbon monoxide in them and if you keep driving, you could actually poison yourself. Don’t take chances.

Don’t worry. Trinity Auto Care can help with your vehicle’s exhaust system problems. Stop by our White Bear Lake, MN, auto service shop, or our auto repair shop in Blaine, MN.


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