We Are Open and Safe During COVID-19

Trinity Auto Care understands that these are uncertain times. We are open because we are an essential business. You need your vehicle serviced and repaired as you always have, which is why we haven’t closed. Our high-quality automotive and customer service remains the same – nothing’s changed. Well, except for the fact that we are taking extra steps to ease your mind. We have changed the way we do a few things so you don’t have to ever come into our shop.

Free Vehicle Pick-Up and Delivery

During this unprecedented time, we will come and get your vehicle from you and then bring it back to you after we’ve completed the requested preventative maintenance or approved repair services. We won’t charge you for our vehicle pick-up and delivery but, unfortunately, we can only do this for our local customers. This means you don’t have to physically come into our shop or office to drop off your vehicle and place your auto service order.

Sanitization of All Vehicles

We have learned how COVID-19 can be transmitted and are taking extra steps to ensure we don’t get COVID-19 or pass it off to you. We sanitize your vehicle’s interior, your keys, and where we worked on your vehicle before we return it back to you or you pick it up. We sanitize everything prior to our service, too, to protect our technicians. This ensures that even though our technicians are healthy, they do not run the risk of leaving germs behind on your automobile or keys.

Easy Payment Options

Finally, paying for your automotive service and repairs can be done remotely to ensure you remain safe. You can pay from home via email, your mobile device, or over the phone so we do not exchange money or debit/credit cards. This hands-free method of paying keeps all of us safer, and we are happy to accommodate your preferred hands-free method of electronic payment provided we accept it. We can discuss the easiest for you to pay when we talk about your automotive service needs.

Located in White Bear Lake, MN, Trinity Auto Care is here for you during COVID-19. Call us today to discuss your automotive service needs and how you wish to proceed. If you live within the service area, we’ll pick up your car, truck, or SUV and drive it to our shop. If you want to drop your vehicle off, we can still do everything contact-free. Give us a call today.

Photo by Maridav from Canva Pro

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