What Should You Do if Your Car Stalls?

It’s a scary moment when your car suddenly stalls when you’re trying to safely navigate in traffic. Knowing what you need to do before that happens can give you a leg up when it comes to making sure that you’re safe while you figure out what’s going on. Here’s what Trinity Auto Care recommends in order to keep you and your car as safe as possible.

Stay in the Car

You’re much safer in your car than you are outside of it. If you were able to get your car off the road, that’s great. Sometimes it’s not so easy to do that, though. Stay in the car as much as possible. If for some reason you do have to get out of the car, watch for traffic and do what you have to do quickly and get back in the car. Keep your clothing in mind, too. If you’re wearing dark clothing and it’s dark out, you’re probably better off staying in the car.

Keep Your Seatbelt On

Even though you’re not moving, you might feel as if it doesn’t matter whether you wear your seatbelt or not. Other drivers may not be paying close attention, though. There’s a high risk that another driver might hit your car, and that would be much worse. If you’re wearing your seatbelt, you’re going to be a little more protected than if you aren’t.

Turn on Your Hazard Lights

If you have ground reflectors or other safety indicators in your car, put those out as safely as possible and get back into your car. But don’t sweat it if you don’t have any of those items. Your car’s hazard lights are your next best tool for letting people know that something is wrong with your car and that you need them to be extra careful. Make sure those are turned on.

Call for Help

Once you’ve got everything as squared away as possible, you can start to call someone for help. You might want to start with your roadside assistance provider if you have that service. They can make sure that someone gets to you as soon as possible. If you don’t have roadside assistance, you may be able to call your mechanic directly for a tow. Getting home safely is the most important thing now, and you might need some help for that.

Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake, MN, can assess your car for you and determine why it’s stalling when you need it to be running. Come visit us and we can take a look.


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