Why Are There Red Spots On My Garage Floor?

Red spots on your garage floor underneath your automobile indicate it is leaking one of many crucial fluids. Trinity Auto Care would like to talk about the different colors of automotive fluids below to help you identify what fluid is leaking out of your car, truck, or utility vehicle. Let’s start off with the fluids that are red to help you pinpoint the exact fluid leaking from your vehicle.


There are four primary fluids that could be or are definitely red in your automobile. Brake fluid and engine coolant can be red. Power steering and transmission fluid are definitely red. If the red fluid spots are around your wheels, your car is leaking brake fluid. If they are underneath the engine, it could be coolant or power steering fluid. If they are toward the center of your vehicle, it’s probably transmission fluid.


Blue fluid is most commonly the washing solution for your windshield. In rare cases, your engine coolant/antifreeze may also be blue. Chances are, however, that the blue spots on your garage floor are coming from a windshield washer leak in the reservoir or lines.


Amber, light brown, dark brown, and even yellow fluid can be brake fluid. The other brown fluids in your automobile are differential oil and motor oil. These fluids change colors throughout their life stages. In other words, they start off being light brown and turn dark brown as they age.


Clear fluid is most likely water, but it could also be gasoline so make sure to smell the fluid. Water drips from your vehicle’s air conditioning system when you use it and it also evaporates out of the tailpipe. If the clear fluid has a gas smell to it, your car is leaking gasoline and you should not drive it.


Green fluid is coolant/antifreeze. Sometimes, the green has a blue tinge to it, as well. It’s not a good idea to drive your automobile if it is leaking coolant/antifreeze. Driving it opens you up to the risk of overheating and damaging the engine.


Finally, orange fluid is coolant/antifreeze that is leaking out of your radiator. The reason the fluid is orange is that it has rust in it. The bottom of your radiator has rusted through. Don’t drive your automobile.

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