Air Conditioning: Why Is it So Hot in My Car?

Summer is here and nothing is worse than getting into a hot car, cranking up the AC, and feeling nothing. If this is happening to you, Trinity Auto Care can help. If it has been awhile since you’ve had your vehicle’s air conditioner serviced, chances are there is something going on with the system that is preventing it from cooling your cabin properly. Here are some reasons why your car, truck, CUV, or SUV’s AC may be on the fritz and why it’s important to have the system fixed as soon as possible.

Most Common AC Issues in Cars

Your automobile’s air conditioning needs servicing just as all the other systems do. To find out how often you should have the AC serviced, check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the mileage duration between services. If the air conditioning system hasn’t been serviced in years, you may find that when you turn on the AC, it does not blow cold air into the cabin or it doesn’t blow air at all. It could also blow hot air into your vehicle’s interior. Common problems that can cause AC failure include

  • A bad AC compressor
  • A blocked AC condenser
  • A clogged AC condenser
  • Electrical problems
  • A faulty AC condenser
  • Faulty fans
  • Leaking AC refrigerant
  • Low AC refrigerant

Again, if you cannot remember the last time you had your vehicle’s air conditioning system serviced, it’s probably time for a checkup. We can find out why the air conditioner isn’t cooling your cabin and fix it.

Why This Is So Important Right Now

This is important right now because we are in the midst of summer and the heat and humidity that comes with it. You do not want to put your children, pets, the elderly, or someone who is ill in a vehicle that you cannot keep cool because this can cause heat-related illness and death. You, yourself, can also suffer in a hot vehicle. The hotter you get the less aware you are of what is going on around you and failure of your motor skills could cause an automobile accident. If you don’t believe us, put a thermometer in your vehicle and see how hot it gets inside when parked in the summer sun.

If your vehicle is overdue for an AC system check, call Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake, MN. You don’t need to be uncomfortable in your vehicle throughout the summer.

Photo by from Pexels via Canva Pro

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