Do You Suffer From Road Rage Without Realizing It

People are quick to point out other drivers who are driving with road rage only to ignore that they can rage, too. Why is Trinity Auto Care discussing this? Because we care about your road safety beyond maintaining and repairing your automobile. Do you suffer from road rage? You might without realizing it because many road rage symptoms are considered common in driving today.


Do you speed? Did you know that speeding is considered a form of road rage? You may not feel angry when you first start to speed because you’re running late or you just like to drive fast but what happens when you get stuck in traffic that is going slower than you want it to? Do you get angry? Do you switch lanes recklessly to get around slower drivers? Speed limits are posted to keep all drivers safe on the road and those who do not obey speed laws are driving with disregard to their safety and the safety of others on the road. This is considered road rage.


What about tailgating? Tailgating is also considered road rage. You do not know why the driver in front of you is going slow. He or she might be having car trouble. He or she might be driving slow because of danger ahead that you cannot see yet. No matter the reason, tailgating opens up both you and the car in front of you to a dangerous accident of which you will be the cause. If the driver in front of you is going slower than you’d like to drive, pass him or her legally and only when it’s safe to do so. Otherwise, tailgating the driver is an act of road rage.

Yelling and Gesturing

How do you feel when someone yells at you and gives you the finger. Do you turn around and do that to another driver? There’s no need to lose your cool. People make mistakes when they drive. You do, too. And, even if someone does cut you off on purpose or otherwise cause a dangerous situation, yelling, laying on your horn, and/or gesturing obscenely only escalates the situation. When others do this it’s road rage but guess what? When you do it, it’s road rage, too. If you cannot stay calm behind the wheel, it’s time for anger management classes.

Trinity Auto Care in White Bear Lake, MN, wants you to stay safe on the road. Let’s discuss your preventative maintenance and auto repair needs. Schedule an appointment today!


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